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P90 Gel Blaster Electric Auto Fire Top Ammunition Feed

P90 Gel Blaster Electric Auto Fire Top Ammunition Feed

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Precise, long-range and safe, introducing the new fully automatic Gel Ball Launchers!


The FN P90 (Project 90) is a Belgian designed machine pistol manufactured by FN Herstal.

This weapon has innovative technical characteristics compared to other assault rifles, including its small size and very high firing rate.

The P90 is used by the armies and police forces of more than 40 countries, including Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, Greece, India, Malaysia, Poland and the United States.

Although initially developed and sold as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW), it can be considered a machine pistol or compact assault rifle2.

The better P90 build for gel blaster is created by BF. And they just released the version V3 of the P90. 

The pink version look crazy! 

That's will remember you something. Kohiruimaki Karen use a pink P90 on Sword Art Online.

Anton pls - Full pink P90 variant : r/H3VR


1. Rose pink skin-friendly rubber paint with translucent pink magazines, the color scheme is full of flirty value.

2. load capacity to 290 rounds, has reached the mainstream AR magazine load.

3. the workmanship is obviously improved, no rough feeling, the increase of the pin also makes the seam of the piece smaller. (scope not included). 

4. full nylon gearbox, universal nylon gear, durability and modification double enhancements.

5. due to the thickness of the rubber coating, resulting in the previous generation of the original looser battery compartment cover also became a lot tighter. 

6. Alloy barrel





  • Model: P90
  • Version: V3
  • Color: PINK
  • Material: Nylon, metal and electronic components
  • Use age: 14 years old and above
  • Size balls: 7-8 mm
  • Size: 71 x 30 cm



1.Is this a scam?
A.We can’t imagine that so many people will ask this question.


This is a notification document for the confiscation of our toy guns by the customs of different countries, the probability of being confiscated by customs is usually 2%.

Maybe the customs staff thought this gun was good, so they took it home and played with it.

2.What if your gun is seized by the customs?
A: Send us a picture of the seizure document and we will refund you in full, 

3.How long will it take for my items to arrive?
A.General goods take 2+ weeks and 3+ weeks for toy guns.

Toy guns are very special products. Especially the toy gun with the appearance of a real gun. We use special logistics channels and that's why it takes a bit longer than regular products.

They will be strictly examined by the customs.

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