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WWI 1918 Trench Knife Folder Spring Assist Knuckle Knife

WWI 1918 Trench Knife Folder Spring Assist Knuckle Knife

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On top of a 3.5 inch long powder coated black stainless steel blade, this spring assisted trench knife also comes equipped with a heavy duty aluminum knuckle guard in order to form an unbeatable combo of knife and knuckles! Reinforced with steel liners, the dual knuckle guards not only protect but are sturdy enough to use on the offensive as well. The single edge dagger point blade deploys swiftly via the spine flipper. Extremely useful, the knife also comes equipped with a sturdy belt clip so that it never has to be far from your side as well as a tactical glass breaker. The handle has the words 1918 US engraved on it, signifying the true emergence of American military might on the global stage in commemoration of American troops providing the muscle necessary to fend off the last German offensives of World War I.


  • Overall Length: 8.5 Inches
  • Blade Length: 3.5 Inches
  • Blade: Dagger Point, Ridge Line, Single Edge
  • Handle: Black, Aluminum Knuckle
  • Ring Size: 10 to 12
  • Includes: Glass breaker, Belt Clip
  • Handle Length: 5"


This Bad Boy Means Business. Devastating crushing power coupled with a sharp blade. Just the sight of this piece is enough to make them think twice. The knuckle side hinges open to activate the assisted open blade. Ingenious Design.

With a love for knives in hearts and brilliance in minds, brass knuckle fast spring assisted folding trench knife is designed to surprise the knife collectors. The knife has a devastating crushing power that is activated with a sharp sleek blade. With an elegant design and the sharpness of the blade, it has an aircraft of gray. The fast spring assisted opening gives it a fast opening and secure deployment in your pocket. With a 5” long brass knuckle handle, it has holes for fingers to give you resilient control. The knife has a 3.5” long blade with a consolidation of flat and saw-toothed edges. Its duality in the blade edges multiplies its function and overall performance with optimal efficiency. Not just being used for knife purposes, it is also proficiently used for breaking glass. From unpacking to carving or sculpting, the versatility of the blade can do any task. With versatility in function, it is one of the best choices among pocket knives. The ingenious design of the blade and the exclusivity of its handle make this knife the best pocket knife.

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