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Baby K31 Shell Ejecting Gel Blaster

Baby K31 Shell Ejecting Gel Blaster

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Products include: K31 Toy Rifle, Metal Shells x 6, Darts.

Material:Metal + nylon material


1.The weight of the whole gun is about 1.2KG, the length is 63cm, the firing device and internal structure are made of alloy.
2.Range 30-45 feet, bolt-acting structure, shell ejection by pulling bolt.
3.This gun supports the use of two completely different bullets for shooting, either Darts or Gel Ball.


High quality nylon case with partial aluminum ally fittings

Shipping & Returns

1.To US UK UZ NZ.....(European countries and North America):10~20 days.

2.To Asian countries:7~15 days

3.To Other countries:15~25days

Provide tracking information within 5 days after loading.


1:1 Simulation Model

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