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AimMaster Single Shot Shell Ejecting Toy Model Pistol (Deagle/1911/Glock/Uzi SMG/Gyko)

AimMaster Single Shot Shell Ejecting Toy Model Pistol (Deagle/1911/Glock/Uzi SMG/Gyko)

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Introducing the AimMaster Shell Ejecting Toy Pistols!

  • Realistic shape and size: 1:1 size of a Desert Eagle. Fits any pistol holster made for the real thing. The perfect choice for training, Halloween or cosplay.
  • Realistic action: Removable magazine, spring loaded slide action and magazine release button.
  • Reuseable bullets: Sponge bullets included in the package are reuseable, we also provide you the option to purchase extra bullets, for some extra fun!
  • DESIGNED FOR CHILDREN: Our toy guns designed for children with their safety in mind. It includes 10 soft bullets and a case that holds 8 of them. The soft bullets are shot in a  safe 2 meter range with harmless impact. Appropriate for kids older than 6 year.
  • Unique gift for children and adults: This toy is sure to be something they have never seen before.
  • The fun of our toy pistols is the realism of it's mechanics!

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    Below are picutres demonstrating the functions of our AimMaster Shell Ejecting Toy Pistols using a Glock-19 model, all of our toy pistols have exactly the same function but different looking models, pick your favourite in other model links!


    High quality nylon case with partial aluminum ally fittings

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    1:1 Simulation Model

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