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New HK416C Gel blaster Shot Assault Rifle 11.1V

New HK416C Gel blaster Shot Assault Rifle 11.1V

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Precise, long-range and safe, introducing the new fully automatic Gel Ball Launchers!

JinMing returns, this time they bring the ever popular HK416 body in a CQB set up.  The HK416C runs the popular gen8 gearbox.  Full nylon built for a strong body.  This is a great entry level blaster.

The gen13 is the best value for money for the CQB type


  • Retractable PDW style stock
  • Quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Jinming Gen8 nylon gearbox
  • Safe & Full Auto
  • 18:1 gear ratio
  • Extendable butt stock
  • High capacity magazine

Retractable buttstock, size is 56 to 66cm.

Pre-load pull trigger, the ejection window is linked

The handguard is screwed on the receiver

fishbone J13


The SM plug and the battery are installed on the buffer tube

buffer tube Jinming J13

The 7.4V battery installed

battery J13

After remove the top receiver part, there is the nylon Jinming gearbox v2

gearbox J13

On the top, the switch button for the pre-load.

The Gen8 nylon gearbox with a 460 motor. 


The performance of the gel toys J13

Out of the box, the gel blaster gun J13 reach 240 fps

Package of the gel toys JM J13:

J13 jinming CQB
  • 1x JM HK416C J13 gelsoft
  • 1x Magazine
  • 1x 7.4volt battery and usb charger
  • 1x H&K style iron sights
  • 1x Safety Glasses

Please observe the following safety rules: 

- Please follow the rules in your country and state. 
- Gel blasters are toys and should be used as such. 
- They should not be used in public places.
- Use the products with proper equipment and protective eyewear glasses
- Minors may play with the products only if legal guardians allow it. 
- Gel blasters must be transported in their original boxes. 

Shipping & Returns

1.To US UK UZ NZ.....(European countries and North America):10~20 days.

2.To Asian countries:7~15 days

3.To Other countries:15~25days

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